2009 Feb 27

Afterhour Delight

This journey definitely has some naughty twists and turns through sexy tech sounds and playful rhythms. Picture this sexy girl out on a Saturday night, she’s already in the club, dancing, mingling and ready for a full night out. Then add to that a rugged guy outside in the line-up waiting to get in to the party and start his night. After he finally gets through coat-check and makes his way to the main room, these two clubbers eventually cross paths. The journey goes from funky to techy to sexy to playful throughout their night. Eventually each notices the other and share a night on the dance floor with some classic afterhour sounds and beats til the late hours of the morning.

Turn down the lights and sink into a big comfy chair, relax and enjoy the ride.

/ Sexy / Tech

192 kbps / 108.5 MB / 1:18:57